Prosecco Tasting Evening

Join us at our Prosecco evening

On Friday, 29th November 2019 at The Cafe

Discover the latest from Prosecco DOC and enjoy tasting these wines alongside some Italian food pairings with The Wine Tipster talking about Spumante, Frizzante and Colfondo.

  • Plus an update on the latest in the world of Prosecco including:
  • Organic and vegan Prosecco
  • The development of Rosé Prosecco
  • The sustainability project on the environment
  • The production of Prosecco
  • The New Zero and Extra Brut categories
  • Food pairing opportunities for Prosecco
  • Visiting the Prosecco Dreamland!

Tickets are £10 a head and can be bought online in advance

Prosecco Tasting Evening
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