That Liberal Democrat Poster Explained

You may have noticed that we have a Liberal Democrat Poster in the Café window and people have commented on it so I just wanted to explain why we have it there.
David Cameron has been an outstanding local MP. He has supported the café both as a customer and responded when we have needed his help and support. For this I am very grateful.
I was a conservative party member and a volunteer at the general election in 2010.
As a PM I think he was the right man for the job and although no government is perfect, in balance he did a great job in coalition with Nick Clegg. And if Nick Clegg had been stronger it probably would have been better. After the last election there was stability, until Brexit.
But now he is going.
I believe that when a Prime Minster resigns it should trigger a general election. I know we need another election like we need a slap with a big wet fish, but the alternative is a government without legitimacy, with no mandate and a Prime Minster we didn’t want. It didn’t work with Gordon Brown and it looks like it’s not working with Theresa May. I know we don’t vote for a PM like a presidency but they sure act like they are. Theresa May seems to have all major decisions going through her office.
Theresa May’s government has astonished me.
Why make Grammar schools your first major policy change? Where is the mandate for this? Did anyone vote for the reintroduction of Grammar schools?
The secrecy surrounding the announcement of this policy with Justine Greening’s (Education Minister) document being photographed by the press, and the response from Downing Street; ‘It is not appropriate for Government to comment on internal documents.’ Yes it is; this is a democracy and besides issues of national security, we want to know what you are doing, who you are meeting with, what you are discussing and the logic behind your decisions.
Grammar schools are great for those who go to them as they tend to result in a very high A-C pass rate at GCSE. But they do nothing for the real story in our Education system. The kids who leave school not achieving 5 A-C level at GCSE, who are not recorded as having achieving anything worth recording. 11 years of education resulting in nothing. After Theresa May’s speech in Downing Street talking about helping ordinary families, I would have expected a policy to help these kids. But no.
Then there was Amber Rudd’s policy for businesses to list all foreign workers. This sounds like something from a more far right government. Totally inappropriate. I was shocked by this.
The influence of the right wing on the government concerns me greatly and I think this by-election is an opportunity to send a message to them. That is, don’t assume you have a mandate for all the right wing policies you want to implement.
We went to the hustings in Charlbury on Thursday evening and all the other candidates did a far better job than the conservative candidate, who appeared to be a ‘plastic’ politician in the style of Tony Blair; slick suit, nice smile, but no substance. He didn’t respond to the questions, didn’t demonstrate an understanding of local issues, and came out with repeated bland statements that seemed like they had been drummed into him with media training. I felt embarrassed for him.
The others had more knowledge, more understanding and more empathy for local issues. My point is that we wouldn’t be missing much.
I want our politicians to work together to solve the challenges we have at this very difficult time and I don’t think any one party has all the answers. So sending this message to Westminster and to Downing Street might knock some common sense into them and to her.
Electing the Lib Dem candidate in what has been a rock solid conservative constituency for many years, would send that message straight into Theresa May’s inbox, and I hope she would then have humility to listen and to understand.
Martin Chapman
That Liberal Democrat Poster Explained
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